2012 May 23, Thursday

     I'm told George W. Bush really bungled the economy, usually as an argument in favor of the Obama president. I'll agree that "W" screwed up, especially in the following areas:

• Continuing Wilson's income tax that penalizes success.

• Continuing FDR's Social Security that turns equity into annuity.

• Continuing LBJ's welfare programs that maintain a poverty cycle.

• Stimulus packages and bailouts that reward corporate failure.

• Reducing job creation by continuing federal corporate taxes.

• Pandering to unions that restrict the US labor market.

• Diluting our work force with "reverse-discrimination" programs.

• Allowing the AMA and trial lawyers to keep medical costs high.

• Maintaining a costly military presence in the middle east.

• More government intereference through "anti-terrorism" laws.

• Deficit spending that undermines the strength of our dollar.

• Allowing US oil production to decrease so we have to import more.

• Increasing the size and scope of the US federal government.

• More regulation of energy, education, and health care.

• Playing golf and going on junkets while the economy foundered.

     In which of these areas has the Obama presidency done better? (Yeah, that's what I thought.)




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