Captain Kangaroo and Barack Obama and 2016
2012 August 30

     There's a new movie out about Barack Obama and 2016 representing the views of Dinish D'Sousa. I've seen the movie and I've seen YouTube videos of him discussing The Obama Agenda and I read his book on racism many years ago, with great respect. I recommend the movie as there are some seriously-good insights to be had about the worlds of Africa and India and about the Obama presidency.

     Still, there seems to be two fundamental assumption flaws in D'Sousa's vision, at least from my point of view.

     First: the Obama character

     I did a Google search on "Captain Kangaroo biography" and got nothing on Captain Kangaroo, nothing on where he was born, where he grew up, or in what capacity he was a captain. Instead there was a bunch of stuff on a fellow named Bob Keeshan, who played Captain Kangaroo on television for nearly forty years.

     So when I do a Google search on "Barack Obama biography" I would expect a biography on our president's real name, probably Barry Soetoro, and discussion on how impossibly mediocre the Obama president would have to be to have the media-presented biography. There's not much likelihood of the Obama president having an agenda if he doesn't even have a name.

     The Obama biography has him born stateside, with lots of different birth certificates, primary-educated in Indonesia, culturally-educated in Kenya, and going to Columbia with good drugs and bad grades, either as a foreign exchange student or an affirmative-action case to get around his terrible record. At Harvard he supposedly was an editor of the Harvard Law Review who neither edited nor reviewed any law at Harvard. Only when he became a senator is there a track record, mostly one of rampant corruption and a non-voting voting record. If this is what they're telling us, as terrible as it is, then what are they hiding?

     Mr. D'Sousa still harbors the notion that the Obama president is a real person with real emotions and real agendas. While that may be true, it sure doesn't look that way from here. Anthropomorphizing the Obama character is highly destructive, in my opinion.

     Second: the Obama agenda

     While the Barack-Obama story is one of egregious racial favoritism and sad politics in America, it is unlikely this person, distinguished only by his lack of any distinction, has much of an agenda. I suspect he's a willing participant in a scheme, I figure a bet like the Scientology religion. He's just a pathetic sap grabbing all he can, and there's plenty to be grabbed out there.

     I do believe there are people with agendas. Trillions have been siphoned out of American's productive economy and given to "friends of Barry" without any semblance of usefulness along the way. At least the military-industrial complex gave us cool technology and space exploration and science and stuff, while today's liberal corporatism returns nothing I can see. It's just a crazed mob of laughing hooligans running naked down the street bashing in our windows, tearing up our furniture, pissing on our carpets, and stealing as much of our stuff as they can carry.

     While Franklin Roosevelt had an agenda, while the Nazis had an agenda, while Lyndon Johnson had an agenda, I believe the Obama-nation is about taking as much as they can as fast as they can, while our country crumbles.




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